So, I’ve picked up the WIP and I’ve started editing. But before I do any more, I need to share my dirty little secret with you – I love editing!

For me the process of creating the first draft is UGLY. I’m a pantser, and I spend half my first draft arguing with my characters before eventually letting them have their own way to lead me where the story needs to go. It’s relatively fast – I tend to produce a first draft YA novel in 3-4 weeks – but painful. Producing my first draft feels like the second stage of labour with no pain relief – a lot of frustrating hard work and not much fun at all. But the editing… I story board my first draft, find the holes, fill them, ramp up the tension and tighten the writing, develop my characters and fall in love with them instead of hating them just a little… it’s bliss!

The second draft feels like a book to me. The first was just 60,000 words on some pages. And I feel like I do when I read a book I really love – I can’t wait for more, but I don’t want to get to the end. So, I’m probably a bit weird, but I’ve got to say – lovin’ the editing process!